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All Is Lost (2013) [BRRip]
Releaser Info : FzMovieZ

Description :A man is sailing alone on his sailboat in the Indian Ocean. He wakes up one morning to find that a wayward shipping container which had been adrift has rammed into his boat, gashing a hole in the boat's side, which has allowed water to pour into the boat's cabin. He is eventually able to fix the hole, but he ends up learning that the damage to the boat is more than superficial as many of the electrical and communication systems are no longer working. These issues in combination have placed him into a precarious situation, as he doesn't know his exact location, and he cannot communicate with anyone. When he hits a storm, his situation worsens, where he eventually can only drift. He has to hope that he encounters no other storms while his rations diminish, and he drifts toward what he hopes is the region's shipping lane where there is a greater chance that he will be spotted by passing ships and thus be rescued.
Duration : 1hr 46m
Audio Quality : Original Audio

All Is Lost 2013 BRRip By FzMovieZ(Avi)
All Is Lost 2013 BRRip By FzMovieZ(High Quality Avi)

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